Office Solutions Condo Office Solutions Partnering with one of the country’s largest condo management firm, COS will take care of the back-office tasks of your corporation, prepare your monthly financials, cheques, and status certificates, and collect your fees. We will do all the work, saving you time to focus on managing your property. COS, one site for ALL your management, financial and communication tools, and corporate memory. condo solutions More than bricks and mortar, your condominium corporation or association is a business. A business that requires committed board members or a property manager to manage the day-to-day operations of your community. The tasks are time consuming and tedious, and require knowledge in a multitude of fields: finance, legislation, and administration. Condo office Office solutions COS takes on all your tedious accounting and regulatory duties: paperwork, banking reconciliations, invoices, status certificates, legal documents, filing, and so much more. Your personalized profile setup is our insight to your corporation’s monthly activities and how to execute them. Condo office Solutions solutions Entrust your day to day activities to COS. You maintain all the control, but COS does the work. Think of us as your virtual in-house accountant and administrator with industry leading tools, and we provide you access to specialized software for easy inquiries. Condo office
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